A few words about us!

Since 1928 our name is associated with quality, responsibility and love for jewelry. Continuing the tradition of our grandparents, based in Athens, being 4ης generation of silversmiths we follow with the same passion the path of creation and service with emphasis on elegance and quality. Immediacy and  Understanding the needs of the customer is what sets us apart and has enabled us to excel in almost a century in the field of silver and goldsmithing. 

Following a minimalist and modern approach to the design of our jewelry, we are inspired by earthy patterns and timeless patterns

to offer you handmade jewelry that will meet every need, occasion and style.

Our goal is for each person to embrace their inner beauty and harmonize with their uniqueness, giving them the opportunity to express themselves through our jewelry. Guided by  With your support, we will continue to create pieces that inspire you (and us) with passion and passion like the first day.

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